Yahoo’s data security drama continues

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Once again, Yahoo’s data security struggles seem to go on. Recently, the company has sent out a warning stating that cyber-criminals may have come up with a way to forge cookies. These cookies could then be used to access someone’s email account without having to know their password.

Last fall, Yahoo went through a massive data security breach where an enormous number of accounts were found to be compromised, with the number easily reaching billions. The company believes their latest data security problems are connected to that incident.

The low security of Yahoo accounts poses a huge problem to those who are careful with their privacy. Even though you may not think you have anything of interest in your email, if a hacker gets into your Yahoo account, at the very least, your contact list may be stolen.

Some people who have linked their Yahoo accounts to their phones and social media are very concerned. Essentially, if a hacker compromises their email account, all of those connected accounts can also be considered to be compromised.

Brian Kelly, who oversees information security at Quinnipiac University, recommends that email users maintain care when accessing their accounts on public computers. Ensuring that the browser does not store your password is a good step in the right direction.

As for the additional steps you can take to secure your privacy online, industry experts recommend regularly checking your accounts for any suspicious activity. Apart from that, you should never download any suspicious attachments or click on links that you do not recognise.

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