Windows now requires you to enter a mobile number?

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Users installing Windows 10 Build 17063 won’t have a choice: they’re going to be required to enter a mobile number in order to continue with the installation. The skip button is no longer available, making this move quite controversial when it comes to respecting users’ privacy.

Microsoft collects these numbers in order to link the PC with the phone through SMS. By doing this, certain functions such as “Continue on PC” become available. Even though this is not the first time that Microsoft has done this, users have had the option of skipping this step in the past.

Back in 2017, Microsoft made some announcements in which it was revealed they’re planning to bring the Android and iOS platforms closer to the PC, thus allowing the data that rests on these phones to be shared more freely. One of the new features associated with this would be the new universal clipboard, through which you’ll be able to copy and paste content between them.

Historically speaking, Microsoft Windows 10 has had a bit of a problematic record in terms of invading the privacy of its users. It appears that Microsoft is jumping on the Apple and Google bandwagon in terms of collecting an increasing amount of user information.

Still, the fact that this is only an Insider build needs to be taken into consideration, and it’s not a given that all future builds will require this level of user information going forward.

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