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Recently, some of the source code of Microsoft Windows 10 was leaked. However, various reports suggest that the potential damage of this data security breach may be limited.

According to the Register, up to 32TB of installation images were uploaded to, a community for those who love beta uploads and abandonware repositories. They said the leaked data may date back to March of this year.

Another source reports that the majority of the leaked files have been potentially available for years.

The leaked code belongs to Microsoft’s Shared Source Kit, which includes the source code for:

– Base Windows 10 hardware drivers

– Wi-Fi stacks

– USB stacks

– PnP code

– Storage drivers

– OneCore kernel code (ARM-specific)

This compiled list is reported by those who have gone through the archive and reviewed its contents.

In response to the data security incident, BetaArchive has already taken 1.2TB of the code offline.

In an official statement, Microsoft said they reviewed the uploaded files, and confirmed that they are a portion of the Shared Source Initiative, used by OEMs and partners. Through the Shared Source Initiative, certain customers, partners, and governments who qualify may obtain a license for the source code. They may then use it for debugging and reference purposes.

The Windows 10 leak happened after two individuals were arrested for allegedly trying to break their way into numerous Windows systems to obtain unauthorised access to customer data. However, it’s unknown whether these individuals are in any way connected to the leak.

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