Windows 10 now used on 200 million devices

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Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 is now being used on 200 million devices around the world.

The company has also stated that more than 75% of its business customers are using a pilot version of the new operating system. Microsoft has set the goal of having Windows 10 working on more than one billion devices around the world. 40% of the 200 million have only been in operation since Black Friday and the company is including all types of devices in its figures, including the Xbox One, Surface Book, Windows 10 phones and SurfacePro.

Microsoft has stated that its latest version of Windows is the fastest-growing version so far, surpassing Windows 8 by almost 400%. The figures also show that enterprise and education customers account for over 22 million of the Windows 10 users.

David Johnson of Forrester Research says that most businesses are using Windows 7 and 10, with many upgrading to Windows 10 because it deals with some of the issues presented by Windows 8. Research has shown that around half of all businesses are planning to change to Windows 10 by the end of this year.

Companies can face a challenge when migrating from one operating system to another, however. The process involves software vendors, some of which may not be ready to support Windows 10, and there may be licensing problems and compatibility issues with browsers.

The announcement from Microsoft also stated that the first Windows 10 phones are now on sale. These are the Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL.

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