Vodafone waves goodbye to its Demon Internet business broadband service

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Vodafone has made its decision clear – Demon Internet, an ISP focused on targeting small businesses, will no longer be around.

If you remember the times of dial-up connections, you’ll probably remember the name. Back then, it was much more well-known in the industry compared to what’s going on today.

Looking at Demon’s current offerings, you can still order ADSL2+ based broadband packages, the same ones you could order many years ago. This, however, was relevant around a decade ago – since then, the market has moved on and embraced new possibilities.

Recent reports seem to suggest that, at the time being, Demon still has around 15,000 subscribers. However, Vodafone won’t let them go, instead, they’ll be moved to more modern services. The company estimates the process will take around 60 days to complete.

According to the Vodafone spokesperson, turning off legacy technologies is crucial for their future operations, allowing them to be more energy efficient and better serve their customers at the same time. The company has thanked their Demon Broadband customers for staying with them for so long and hopes they’re willing to stay on board

Glancing at Demon’s Service Status page, it becomes clear that it was last updated in 2015. The service has definitely been quite an important part of the industry in the decades gone by, but now it’s time to move on to something bigger and better.

Farewell Demon and thanks for everything!

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