Vodafone social media responses better than other providers

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VodafoneResearch has shown that Vodafone is the fastest mobile phone provider when it comes to responding to customers on social media.

Social media specialist Brandwatch has said that customer queries via social media are answered most quickly by Vodafone. The research also examined the response times of other mobile phone providers on a variety of subjects, including signal, 4G, customer service, and billing.

The average response time from Vodafone was just under two hours. The shortest response time measured was 30 seconds and the longest response time was three and a half days. Other providers averaged a response time of between two and five hours on the various social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

The researchers have pointed out how important it is to interact with customers on social media, even if it is not possible to resolve the issue on the spot. Letting customers know that they have been heard and that they can expect a response soon is important, with the response being sent privately to the customer, rather than making it public. Customers now consider good customer service to be essential when deciding which mobile phone service provider to use and as they are able to contact them directly on social media, a fast response is considered to be a sign of good customer service.

Vodafone recently invested £15 million into better customer service after it received a large number of complaints. There are now more than 1400 members of staff within the customer service team at Vodafone.

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