Vodafone to roll out a 4G network on the Moon

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In order to support a mission by PTScientists, Vodafone will soon be rolling out a 4G network on the moon. According to the company’s plans, this is set to become achievable by 2019.

It sounds amazing, but it really is just another logical step in the evolution of communications technology. That being said, Vodafone won’t tackle such a task all alone; Nokia will be assisting them by providing the technological infrastructure.

Robert Bohme, Founder and CEO of PTScientists, claims this expedition to the moon will be the first one to be privately funded. According to what he is suggesting, they are looking to turn this project into reality with under $50 million in funding.

In related news, 4G networks all around the globe might not be as secure as we have believed them to be. Cybersecurity researchers from the University of Iowa and Purdue University have identified several loopholes in 4G networks which hackers might abuse to divert calls and reach messages without the users’ knowledge, and these are just some examples.

Professor Omar Chowdhury, an assistant at University of Iowa, warns this could have dire repercussions should a hacker attempt to cause any mischief by taking advantage of this. For example, injecting malware and pinpointing the exact address of the user is one of the many misdeeds a hacker could potentially perform.

If you’re interested in learning more about 4G network security, head on over to the Internet Society’s official website and grab the full report.

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