Vodafone research shows flexible working on the rise

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Vodafone has carried out research in ten different countries and has discovered that flexible working is on the increase.

The survey reveals that three-quarters of companies have some form of flexible working; however, there are still some barriers.

Flexible working offers the opportunity to work remotely and with varied hours. Research was carried out in the UK, Hong Kong, India, Germany, Singapore, the US, Spain, Netherlands, Italy and South Africa.

61 per cent of those who work flexibly use their home broadband to access systems, while one-quarter use a mobile data connection such as a laptop dongle or smartphone to access cloud computing services and other apps.

The survey revealed some geographical differences, with 71 per cent of those in Spain working on flexible terms using a smartphone. In the UK this figure was 38 per cent and it was even lower (27 per cent) in Germany.

80 per cent of companies using flexible options believe that productivity has increased as a result, with 61 per cent reporting an increase in profits. Vodafone Group Enterprise Chief Executive Nick Jeffrey said that the latest technologies are making this possible, from high-speed broadband to cloud services.

Vodafone has pointed out that there are still obstacles for some businesses. Some companies are concerned that flexible working would mean that staff would not work as hard, while others are worried that offering flexible environments could cause friction; however, more than half (55 per cent) believe that flexible working could boost morale among workers.

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