Vodafone reminding us of cybersecurity via augmented reality

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Vodafone is committed to promoting cybersecurity and safe browsing. To that end, the company is using innovative digital technology to help present this aspect of our lives to parents and children at the Doha International Book Fair.

These educational activities are part of the AmanTECH online safety programme, the aim of which is to educate both parents and children, and provide them with much-needed tools for safe navigation in the digital world.

Specifically, Vodafone has created an augmented reality app. With its help, everyday objects come to life, and it displays informative videos and infographics. Among the 25 augmented reality learning activities it contains, there is material on:

  • How to stay safe on social media
  • How technology can help in education
  • How much time a child should spend in front of a screen on a daily basis

On the first day, Vodafone’s stand received around 100 visitors. Moving around a school, a house, and a café, they were able to learn how to best use technology to stay safe online. Visitors could access the hidden lessons by using a tablet and a headset.

One of the lessons covered tips on how to spot fake news, while the others covered topics on how to set strong passwords, how to make YouTube safer for the younger generation, and how to change its safety settings. Finally, one lesson was designed to promote the value of spending some time away from the screen.

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