Vodafone extending the European NB-IoT network

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Vodafone is preparing to launch the LPWA network in the UK.

Soon, the number of European cell sites that support NB-IoT will effectively be doubled in numbers, as Vodafone are looking to position themselves as the IoT market leaders.

Thus far, Vodafone has been the biggest supporter of NB-IoT. Mobile networks, in comparison, do have their advantages, but the relatively high power consumption is certainly not one of them, especially when looking to power the kind of devices that need to remain operational for several years and don’t consume as much bandwidth.

These concerns, as well as offering a level of security parallel to what you can expect from 4G, is what NB-IoT was built to address. Thanks to its licensed spectrum, a minimum level of service can be maintained.

In concrete numbers, Vodafone’s NB-IoT networks can support 50,000 connected devices all in a single cell. A single charge is sufficient to keep them deployed for ten years.

Apart from the UK, Romania and Hungary will also be receiving new networks. At the moment, Vodafone estimates having 74 million IoT connections on a global level. According to the company, the enterprise demand for NB-IoT solutions is quite high.

Stefano Gastaut, Vodafone IoT Director, said that NB-IoT makes it possible for businesses to access 5G capabilities. He believes this is the exact thing that will lead to enterprise IoT usage becoming widespread. He marked the network as the world’s largest and most secure, believing it reinforces their position as the premier telecoms company for IoT.

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