Vodafone and PayPal create easy payment system

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Vodafone users who have the Wallet app will be able to make use of a new easy payment system created in conjunction with PayPal.

The app will allow payments to be made on Android smartphones in a number of shops, restaurants and other locations in certain European countries. PayPal said that the new service will be available to millions of its customers, who can add their PayPal account to Vodafone’s Wallet app on more than 70 different Android smartphones. The two companies are set to release more details at the forthcoming Mobile World Congress.

The Wallet app is currently available to customers in five different European markets – the UK, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and Italy – and the new service is scheduled to be launched later in 2016.

PayPal’s involvement in this service is interesting, as previously the company was unsure about the use of near-field communication (NFC) technology. To date, contactless payment has been a gap in its services.

The two companies are working with technology developer Carta Worldwide and Raphaels Bank to create this service.

The Wallet app was designed to work with the SmartPass account, which can be linked to a Visa-based debit card, credit card or bank account. The account is pre-paid, meaning that users can top up funds when required.

Vodafone and Visa announced a year ago that they would be enabling contactless card payments directly from the Wallet app, as against via the SmartPass account.

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