Vodafone accidentally lists £80 item for free, honours the deal anyway

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Vodafone, the mobile communications giant, recently listed an £80 VR headset as free on their website. Until they fixed the mistake, hours passed, and many excited customers rushed to snatch them up.

Surprisingly, even though this was clearly a mistake, Vodafone will be honouring the deal, and their customers are indeed going to receive their VR devices for absolutely nothing.

It remains a mystery how many of these devices have actually been shipped up to this point. However, when HotUKDeals spotted the glitch, it immediately notified their user base, which alerted people to the offer and led to additional orders.

Looking on their deal sharing forum, there were many posts written by satisfied customers who confirmed they had successfully received their orders. Some people were concerned that there may be some loophole somewhere which could mean they would have to pay some money or something similar. But indeed, there were no hidden costs whatsoever.

One of the posters explained that these VR headsets were meant to be shipped for free with S6 or S7 mobile phones.

Vodafone has confirmed that those who ordered more than one VR headset for free will be left empty-handed. They have apologised for any inconvenience caused by their decision.

Their spokesperson has confirmed that this was indeed a glitch that lasted for several hours before getting fixed. Furthermore, they are making sure that everyone who ordered a VR headset during that time will be getting one for free.

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