UKFast to open Raspberry Pi cafés in Manchester schools

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UKFast, a British cloud hosting company, is making plans to open additional Raspberry Pi cafés in Manchester schools in order to better equip kids with the knowledge they need to thrive in the digital world of today.

In concrete numbers, the company is planning to put £100,000 towards opening five Raspberry Pi cafés, all of which will be located in the Manchester area. The first one was opened in Broadoak school in Partington. It was quite successful, and they want the rest of them to follow in its footsteps.

The purpose of these cafés is to help kids adapt to the digital transformation that’s going on all around the world, teaching them essential programming and hardware tinkering skills.

Currently, UKFast employs full-time teachers who visit 50 schools and colleges a year, effectively reaching 57,000 young students. The students can attend the following:

  • Workshops
  • Code clubs
  • Masterclasses

The company is targeting schools that have scarce resources when it comes to digital training, as well as all-girl schools, traditionally known for having a low uptake in technical subjects.

It could be argued that UKFast’s motives aren’t completely altruistic. Currently, the company has around 400 employees and is still in the process of expanding. It’s entirely possible they’re planning to hire at least a few of the kids they’re helping to train. The company’s efforts could also serve to reduce the competition for technical job spots that’s driving up wages.

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