UK trails most EU countries in data storage safety

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Data storageA study has shown that the UK is only in 23rd place on a list of the ‘safest’ countries for data storage.

This leaves it far behind many other European nations. Luxembourg appears in 4th place on the list, Austria is in 7th place, Portugal is in 9th, and Denmark is in 10th place. Finland, Norway, and Sweden all appear in the list ahead of the UK. Other countries that have beaten the UK include Qatar, South Korea, and Estonia. There are 170 countries on the list in total, ranked according to their record on data security.

The list looks at a lot of different security factors, including the political stability of the country and uses independent data gathered from various sources including the UN and Global IntAKE. More than 3.5 trillion IP addresses were assessed to determine the various safety levels in each country.

However, it should be noted that the UK was actually 15 places ahead of the US, which was beaten by nations such as Bahrain, Latvia, and Slovakia. Even though the US is no longer considered to be a world leader in data security, 80% of companies are claiming that they are happy to have data hosted there. The country is also home to around 35% of public computing with many of the leading IT companies locating servers there.

The safest nation was found to be Switzerland, achieving a ‘potential risk’ of just 1.6%. Singapore and Iceland then made up the top three. The country with the highest risk was Somalia.

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