UK trailing in cloud-friendly market

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A new index of the cloud computing policies of companies around the world has shown that the UK is resting in ninth place out of 24 countries.

The index also ranks the different levels of cloud computing readiness for each country. The ninth place position for the UK means that it has dropped two places since 2013. It has raised concerns that the UK is trailing other countries when it comes to creating the perfect environment for a cloud computing market.

The BSA Global Cloud Computing Scorecard for 2016 looks at 80% of the IT markets in the world. All countries are assessed on the seven main policy sections. The latest report has found that even though there are data protection regulations in place, there are some outdated regulations that are holding back the market for some cloud computing services.

The CEO of BSA, Victoria Espinel, has said that it is worrying that the UK appears to have been overtaken by other countries in developing policies that encourage innovation in cloud computing. She is calling upon the UK to ensure it remains at the forefront of the market and for the country to create stronger policies to allow consumers, businesses, and the authorities to reap the benefits of cloud services.

South Africa is one of the biggest improvers with a rise of six places in the chart. Canada has risen five places. Taking the top five positions in the rankings are Japan, the US, Germany, Canada, and France. However, the report also indicates that some countries have policies that will actually hinder the future growth of cloud computing.

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