UK government launches Cyber Security Export Strategy

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On March 26th, Dr. Liam Fox, the international trade secretary, is launching the UK government’s new Cyber Security Export Strategy, the purpose of which is to bring forward the country’s expertise as well as strengthen its defensive capabilities.

In light of recent cybersecurity attacks targeting UK organisations and NATO countries, the Department for International Trade has urged organisations and allied countries to bolster their cybersecurity defences.

Remember the National Cyber Security Strategy from 2016 which provided £1.9 billion in investments? The new initiative has been designed to support its ongoing work, as well as reinforce the following principles:

  1. Pursue

DIT will serve UK companies as a trusted advisor, primarily those selling overseas.

  1. Enable

DIT will identify the top buyers and curate offers to them, as well as help UK companies to address any compatibility gaps.

  1. Respond

This is where the UK’s cybersecurity will be demonstrated and marketed around the world.

According to Dr. Liam Fox, the UK is facing a diverse range of threats from hostile state actors. Therefore, improving the nation’s cybersecurity capabilities is of vital importance.

The government has stated that the new strategy contains robust export control regimes aimed at guarding human rights. On the following day from 9AM an onwards, you will be able to examine it in detail.

Marina Kidron from Skybox Security has noted that cyberattacks can be prevented, as long as organisations work to obtain a clearer picture of the risks involved.

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