UK councils invest in data centres

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It has been revealed that a number of UK councils have chosen to invest in their own data centres, despite the government announcing plans for a nationwide cloud computing programme.

Last year the government appointed a company to provide a cloud computing service for public sector services in the UK; however, a number of councils have decided to make their own arrangements. Solihull Metropolitan Council, for example, has invested more than £1m in its own data centre. The centre will be a key part of the infrastructure of the council’s IT sector and it is expected that it will contribute to the energy efficiency of the council and improve digital services.

South Lanarkshire Council in Scotland has gone a step further, with the introduction of two data centres; again, it appointed its own firm as part of an £8m contract that will run for more than five years. In addition to cloud services, a remote monitoring system will pick up any issues with any part of the infrastructure, such as downtime or data security breaches.

Oxford City Council has entered into a ten-year contract with a cloud computing provider, with the option to extend this for a further five years. This restructuring of the council’s IT services was designed to deliver savings of in excess of £150,000 each year and will provide server support, network security systems and database administration. Oxford City Council has chosen a cloud platform designed specifically for public sector businesses.

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