Trivalent debuts new healthcare security product

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Trivalent, a security technology vendor, is releasing a new healthcare security product called Trivalent Protect.

In order to make hackers’ lives a bit harder, the new software uses local or cloud storage, shredding, and file-encryption techniques, so sensitive data that gets stolen will be completely useless to them.

The new software will be compatible with Windows 7 and above. According to the vendor, their technology is certified by the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP). The company decided to develop it as an answer to non-compliance penalty issues and the consequences of data loss that healthcare organisations are facing every day.

Trivalent Protect offers data security and privacy protection via Data Alchemy, a proprietary process. The process incorporates shredding, file-encryption, and local or cloud storage techniques which makes the stolen data unusable to hackers. As the vendor explained, in the event a breach occurs, the healthcare company can still remain compliant with the local regulations.

The aim of the new software is to protect sensitive information such as primary account numbers. This holds true for both connected and disconnected devices.

Jyoti Wadhwa, vice president of marketing at Trivalent, explained that with the help of this new technology, healthcare organisations can now effectively control their data at all times. This gives them freedom to operate without the risk of data theft or non-compliance.

Trivalent unveiled their new product at HIMSS17. As part of the debut, the company is also sponsoring a free health privacy protection and data security webinar scheduled to take place on the March 22nd at 1:30 PM EST.

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