Top 3 ways our offices are getting smarter

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Have you noticed that, as of late, a typical office has become much less formal and much more airy and open? Organisations all around the world are trying to steer their employees towards becoming more creative and productive, and “smart offices” are becoming the norm when discussing digital transformation.

Let’s look at the trending changes in the office department:

  1. Streamlined conferencing

Nowadays, it’s hard to come by an office that still uses traditional projectors as big screen TVs are becoming much more commonplace. You simply connect a laptop that stores your PowerPoint presentation, and you’re ready to go!

  1. Allowing for voice commands

Issuing verbal commands and having technology interpret them correctly before translating them into actionable commands such as scheduling an appointment is the way things are likely to be handled in the future. Through voice commands, making data requests, managing tasks, or initiating other IT related processes, task automation will become much simpler.

  1. Introducing smart desks

Some employees like to shift stances during work, alternating between sitting and standing. Reportedly, this helps them maintain their concentration and focus, which yields obvious benefits in terms of productivity. Smart desks are useful IoT gadgets; whenever they determine you’ve been sitting for too long, they can alert you to the fact. Upon request, they can also display statistics that allow for an analytical insight into your sitting/standing habits.


Digital transformation is impacting the world around us, and thanks to advancements in technology, our lives are gradually becoming increasingly better.

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