Swedish campaign promoting white-hat hacking

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As ironic as it sounds, not every hacker is out there to do us harm. Generally speaking, they are divided into the following two camps: white-hat and black-hat hackers. Recently, a business school in Stockholm has launched a campaign that promotes the former type of hacking activities.

By applying to the IT security programme they are promoting, you, too, can become one of the hackers who fights among the forces of good.

In their video titled ‘The Melancholic Hacker’, there is a man who is wearing a Guy Fawkes mask that has become a symbol of Anonymous, the international hacktivist movement. The campaign was launched two days before it came into the spotlight that Swedish businesses were also targeted in a serious global data security attack.

Melina Karlsson, the school’s marketing manager, emphasised the importance of stepping up the efforts in the IT industry. According to her, it is important that more people are trained in this field of expertise.

Bengt Dotevall, education manager at Stockholm International Business School, predicted that increased digitalisation could lead to a shortage of industry professionals with IT security skills. In a statement, he explained we need to find new ways to find the right people, and that the campaign aims to get the black-hat hackers to switch sides.

The two-year programme is a great fit for anyone interested in IT security. However, even though the video is in English, Swedish language skills are also a prerequisite. Most of the courses will be in English, but some of them will require you to know Swedish.

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