“Submarine data leak is unacceptable”, says Turnbull

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Yellow computer folder with key. Isolated 3d imageThe recent events in the world of data security have stirred up quite a sizable turmoil. Sensitive data has been leaked from a French submarine subcontractor, and the Australian Prime Minister has urged the French President to ensure that greater effort is being put into the data security of the project from now on.

France is comprehensively investigating the recent data leak. They have promised to keep Australia updated.

Malcolm Turnbull and Francois Hollande discussed the pressing matter when they met on the side lines of G20. Turnbull emphasised how data security is an important aspect, and that potential hardware and software flaws could always lead to it being compromised in some way. He also emphasised that the most damaging vulnerability is “warm ware”, a term used to describe trusted insiders having something to do with the leak.

The leaders admitted that the $50 billion submarine project and its related events probably strengthened the defence relationship between the countries. While they had a meeting in person, the leaders also discussed terrorism and the Middle East, as well as commenting on recent events such as Brexit and the ways it would affect the trade between Australia and EU.

The Australian Prime Minister said that it would be important not to lose the trading momentum because of Brexit. Finally, the leaders discussed the complexities of the conflict in Syria, and agreed a political solution that would prevent the terrorist groups from occupying territory in the long term is something that is needed.

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