Study calls for more education in cloud potential

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Cloud computing, arrows and devicesA study performed by Intel Security has demonstrated that cloud providers need to do more to educate companies, the authorities, and consumers on the potential of cloud computing and how best to keep it secure.

The majority of companies trust cloud computing more than they did a year ago, but there is still a very low level of trust in the ability of cloud providers to secure sensitive data. The study talked to 1200 decision makers in IT from all over the world. The study shows that improving trust and levels of security is important to ensure that companies continue to adopt cloud computing services.

Raj Samani, the European chief technology officer for Intel Security, has said that when people start to trust the cloud they will start to realise its potential. Cloud computing has already made an impact in daily life with many people using it in at least one form. The survey has shown that cloud computing is on the rise and on average 80% of budgets in IT departments are going to be dedicated to cloud computing within the next year.

The report pointed out that it will be necessary for IT professionals to encourage the evolving of skills in order to ease the transition to cloud computing. Companies are planning to invest in services such as IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Only 13% of those who took part knew if their organisation stored some sensitive data in the cloud and 72% of participants revealed that their main concern is compliance.

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