How to strengthen the data security of e-commerce platforms

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security concept  with a lockThe hackers never seem to take a break, and e-commerce platforms are a frequent target of their attacks. Robert Cattanach shared the following five tips on how to strengthen the data security of e-commerce platforms:

  1. Knowledge goes a long way

It is important that e-commerce business owners are aware of what types of data they are storing as well as how it is accessed. Cattanach argues that companies should be focusing on a strategic approach and not basing their data security strategies on old habits.

  1. Determine the most sensitive data

Data should be classified according to its sensitivity. A tiered-hierarchy is in order.

  1. Get a firm grasp of detection and protection objectives

Even little steps can lead to huge improvements. In a company, not every employee should have complete access to everything, so consider splitting up the access privileges. Although you would probably like to monitor everything, focus on what is the most important instead.

  1. Invest in the education of your employees

Your employees should know exactly what to do in case your systems get compromised. You never know when you might get hacked, and this may have occurred already. A plan must include the company’s resources and priorities. It is a good idea to practice the plan at least once a year.

  1. Execute the plan

Typically, a potential incident needs to be investigated first. Co-operate with the local authorities, then secure your systems. After that, do everything in your power to decrease the impact of the damage done and notify the affected individuals.

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