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A recent report has indicated that the volume of data being placed on social media sites is helping hackers to pull off cyberattacks.

Hackers are using the information that they find on these sites to determine which companies to target as victims of their next attacks. The report suggests that some companies are putting a lot of unnecessary information on these sites.

The research was carried out by a digital intelligence company and discovered that information is handed out to staff on data security. Staff are given guidelines on the type of personal information they should and should not make available online, but they are making mistakes that are putting their organisations at risk.

The chief executive of Digitalis Reputation, Dave King, has said that the information gleaned from social media sites can be used to create phishing emails. With information on the life and habits of a staff member, they can often be fooled into thinking that the email is genuine. This can lead to them losing money to the cyber criminals or giving away information to them that can be used at a later date. Alternatively, they could be provided with a link that looks genuine but provides a way to access company data by the criminals.

The report discovered that 51% of company owners have altered their privacy settings on their various social media sites to guard essential data. It also showed that just 34% of companies keep an eye on the data that is available about them.

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