SMEs dismissing cloud computing

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Research suggests that SMEs in the UK are not opting for cloud computing as their main means of storing data.

The research also reveals that many SMEs are not sure just how useful the cloud can be. The survey, which was carried out by an IT support company, reveals that just 13% of small- and medium-sized businesses in the UK have made cloud storage their main means of storage, with just 22% keen to make it their main storage option in the future.

One of the main reasons for moving over to cloud storage is the issue of scalability; however, rather than expecting massive growth and development, many businesses are expecting much more modest progression. The research also revealed that companies are not experiencing a problem with the growth in data.

Moving over to cloud computing takes time and money, and many smaller businesses do not have enough of either. Larger businesses often get more time and space to experiment with a service such as cloud computing. Testing out a new system can be expensive; therefore, companies that want to make a change have to fully commit to it. Even though cloud computing is proving to be very popular, smaller companies are not rushing to embrace it.

More businesses seem to be concerned about performance and cost rather than the aforementioned issue of scalability. Larger companies are not showing the same reticence, however, with many placing the cloud firmly at the centre of their IT strategy for the future.

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