Skype Professional will be aimed at small businesses

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Microsoft is preparing to release a preview version of Skype Professional, a variant of Skype aimed at small online businesses. However, this preview will be restricted to the US only.

In technical terms, using it will require you to open a new Skype account. Although the account will be free, it’s still uncertain whether Microsoft is going to require that you also be a paid subscriber to Microsoft Office 365.

The new features will allow you to get paid, schedule sessions, and save notes on customers.

In essence, Skype Professional is aimed at those who do most of their business online. Here are a couple of industries that stand to benefit from this:

  • Psychology
  • Real estate
  • Legal
  • Online education
  • Coaching
  • Business consulting
  • Entertainment
  • Travel

More than anything else, Microsoft’s Skype consumer service is attempting to compete with Snapchat, more so than their attempts to target business customers. The company is also attempting to abandon Skype for Business in favour of Microsoft Teams.

Skype Professional, on the other hand, seems to have small to medium business owners in mind, rather than big corporations. This type of user needs to get something more out of the application than what the regular Skype can offer, but at the same time, they are not currently looking at Teams as the best solution.

In you live in the US, you can apply to be part of this preview by visiting the official Skype Professional page.

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