Skills shortage poses data security threat

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Data securityA lack of skilled staff in IT security is increasing the risk of cyber attacks on UK businesses.

A survey has shown that UK companies do not have the right IT security staff on board, while more than three quarters of CIOs believe that within the next five years they will face more security threats than ever before. The highest demand is going to be for staff with cloud computing skills, but these are currently very hard to find.

The highest IT-related risks for UK businesses are believed to be abuse of data, cybercrime, and the use of spyware and ransomware. A third of companies are planning to increase the number of IT security staff that they have, with a variety of roles available. It is thought that an increasing number of companies will opt to have IT security staff on-site over the next year as the risks rise, rather than employing third-party security specialists.

It is estimated that the number of data security breaches in 2015 increased by a third, which led to a 56% rise in the number of instances of theft of hard intellectual property since 2014. In the past year in the UK alone, more than two thirds of large companies have suffered some form of data security breach, leading to an increase in demand for chief information security officer staff. Breaches including hacking, data theft, and fraud, in addition to the increase in the number of staff members working remotely has led to the rise in demand for IT security specialists.

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