Shashank Kumar and Arshad Sayyad on computer security

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laptop with lock icons and binary code on screenComputer security has become quite a pressing issue in the last couple of years. To address it, computer security professionals are working around the clock to fight against viruses, patch system vulnerabilities, and take advantage of ethical hacking methods to uncover security flaws before they are exploited by unethical hackers.

Shashank Kumar, developer and security consultant at, earned his first money by doing the so-called ‘bug bounties’, a programme where companies pay money to hackers who break into their system and report any vulnerabilities. The data gained this way is used to patch them.

Kumar used to do plenty of those in his younger years. According to him, it now feels amazing to be on the other side of the business, managing a similar programme for He is in charge of assessing the severity of each vulnerability and developing a solution. He commented that this kind of job requires plenty of patience and dedicating time to keep up with the latest technology.

Arshad Sayyad, computer security professional and managing director at Accenture, said that there are only two types of enterprises: those who acknowledge they have breached, and those who don’t. His days are often spent discussing security strategies with customers. He also does plenty of penetration testing for several different companies.

Sayyad also said that companies will need to change the mentality from simply seeking out various different threats to learning how to predict and defend against them in advance. He likes the fact that his customers always teach him something new and that his job constantly makes him learn new things.

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