Mitel® MiCollab

Mitel MiCollab extension to Think Nexus Telephony – empower your business to ‘think big, yet act small’ by providing employees with everything they need to connect, communicate and collaborate across blended environments – driving the exchange of thoughts and improving the speed & quality of decision being made.

Ensuring effective real-time communications is essential in today’s fast-paced, mobile marketplace. Today work is not always done at a desk. It’s done in the car, while walking to lunch, or while waiting for the plane to board. Today work can include colleagues working from home, different timezones, or with individuals who are not part of the organization.

This is why enabling your business to connect and collaborate more easily and effectively, no matter where they are, how they work or who they work with – is more essential than ever.

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Empower your business to ‘think big, yet act small’

Key benefits of Mitel MiCollab

Mitel MiCollab is a mobile-first designed communications and collaboration solution, designed to provide a highly collaborative, persistent workspace to align with how employees communicate in today’s fast paced, mobile workplace. Through a single client your employees have access to an integrated suite of unified communications and collaboration services, so that they can make every interaction efficient and productive whether it’s with colleagues, customers, or partners.

  • Single business tool providing enhanced communications and collaboration for individuals and teams
  • Enables easy access to the knowledge, insights, and experiences of others allowing for higher quality, more timely business decisions being made
  • Collaborate anywhere, on any device, with the same set of tools and user experience
  • Connected workforce working together to increase customer satisfaction
  • Flexible deployment options – premises or cloud-based – that can evolve with your business as needs change
  • Easy deployment and administration

Supercharging productivity

Mitel MiCollab brings together voice, video, chat, messaging, web conferencing and team collaboration tools into one single solution making it easier for employees to connect with others and break down the barriers of siloed team environments.

Whether it’s from their desktops or mobile device, with MiCollab employees can become more efficient, easily share ideas and knowledge across the organization, and ultimately work from virtually anywhere.

For example, MiCollab can be used to view the availability of colleagues who may have the answer to a critical, time sensitive question. Even if the employee is away from the office, they can be located and contacted on their mobile device using chat, a voice call, or video call and provide the answer that saves the day.

Furthermore, with team collaboration tools (MiTeam) projects related activities, such as communications, document reviews, task management and collaborative meetings can all be conducted using the same application and be extended to members outside the organization, so that they can share ideas and work together towards achieving project goals.

All in one place

By providing today’s essential communications and collaboration tools in a single, unified solution, Mitel MiCollab reduces the latency and complexity associated with having to sort through and locate communications spread out across multiple applications and having to manage those multiple applications – that when combined achieve the same level of business connectivity that MiCollab provides. MiCollab comprises:

  • Unified Communications (UC) services access via clients for the desktop (PC and Mac), Web and mobile device
  • Team collaboration services (MiTeam) that enable collaborative workspaces for team-based meetings, conversations, content collaboration and project management
  • Unified Messaging services that make message storage and retrieval simple
  • Audio, Web and Video Conferencing services to address a variety of conferencing needs – audio, presentation, collaboration, and video

Mitel MiCollab Unified Communications

A single access point for all your business communication and collaboration needs regardless of location or device:

PRESENCE – know whether people you want to contact are on the phone, away from their desk or available for a video call, instant chat or collaboration session

MESSAGING – quick access to voice messages with visual message handling and presence information of the person who left the message

SOFTPHONE – enjoy the same desktop phone communications experience from a PC, laptop, or smartphone

MOBILITY – installed as a client on supported iOS® and Android™ devices, key communications and collaboration features are extended to mobile users

WEB CLIENT – access key unified communications and collaboration features from remote locations using any computer or web-enabled mobile device

POINT-TO-POINT VIDEO – place a video call with the tap of a button

INTEGRATION WITH BUSINESS APPLICATIONS – enhance communications and productivity with integration to other business applications, such as Outlook®, Lotus Notes,® IBM® Sametime, and Google®

MiTeam Collaboration

Persistent, virtual workspaces for team meetings, conversations, content and project sharing:

STREAMS – virtual workspaces where group members can discuss topics, share content, assign action items, and not have to search through multiple locations / applications to find the information they need

REVIEW – review shared content using a variety of annotation methods, including text, voice and video clip (MP4)

TASKS – assign and track action items to ensure team members understand what needs to be accomplished, who is responsible, and what date it’s required by

MEET – create collaborative meetings on the fly, by choosing the participants, sending invitations, and launching the real-time meeting all from directly within the virtual workspace

Unified Messaging

MESSAGE RETRIEVAL – retrieve voice, text and fax messages from one synchronized message store

OUTLOOK® CLIENT PLUG-IN – install an additional toolbar within Outlook to manage voice messages

FAX SERVICES – proactively provide fax senders with transmission status information in their email inbox


SCHEDULED / AD-HOC CONFERENCING AND WEBINARS – a variety of collaboration sessions, ranging from one-time scheduled conferences to in-the-moment web collaboration escalation

PARTICIPANT MANAGEMENT – consolidated view of all audio-only and collaboration participants, with integrated moderator controls

DESKTOP AND APPLICATION SHARING – share the entire desktop, or only select applications, presentations, or files of every kind

MULTI-POINT VIDEO CONFERENCING – personal face-to-face collaboration using ordinary webcams

PUBLIC AND PRIVATE CHAT – instant message with the option of archiving session transcripts

WEB-BASED COLLABORATION – lets people participate in sessions using only their web browser

MEETING CENTRE – integration with Mitel MiVoice 6900 series phones providing notification of MiCollab meetings for the day and one button access to join

CONFERENCE RECORDING – record conference calls or collaboration sessions for future access or distribution

REMOTE CONTROL – request control of another participants desktop for back and forth collaboration

OUTLOOK® CLIENT PLUG-IN – a tab within Outlook for automatic conference creation

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