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Think Nexus® Telephony

Think Nexus® Telephony is a high availability voice service delivered through the Qubic Cloud Nexus using applications that include; Mitel MiVoice Business, Mitel’s Partner Build Telephony, Microsoft Teams and AWS Connect. The choice of telephony application is driven by your specific requirement; each service has its own specific benefits so, we match the way you want to work to the best fit application or combination of applications.

Think Nexus® Telephony services can either be within the Qubic Cloud Nexus or might be a directly connected external service or a legacy on-premise system that is integrated into the Qubic Cloud Nexus. Because we directly manage the telephony environment through the Qubic Cloud Nexus, customers maintain control of their number ranges and IP addresses. For any services within the Qubic Cloud Nexus, software assurance is guaranteed so you will always have the latest version available with no need for you to pay upgrade fees or buy additional hardware.

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Did you know?

Working from home – just plug-in

You can take your Mitel phone and plug it into your broadband – as long as you have a teleworker licence (about £1 a month), that’s it, you’re working from home.

Record your calls

Mitel has voice recording built-in – you can record any call by simply pressing the button.

Use Teams as the softphone for your Mitel

Microsft Teams can integrate with your Mitel phone systems so you can make and receive calls on your mobile using Teams – find out more.

Resilient and future proof telephony

Because ISDN is approaching end-of-life, we route all calls via High-Availability SIP trunks to provide a future-proofed, resilient telephony service. We design our Think Nexus® Telephony solutions with the voice servers located across multiple centres within the Qubic Cloud Nexus to provide High-Availability. Users and sites are connected to the Qubic Cloud Nexus through our Think Nexus® Connectivity services for added security and performance. Finally, non-geographic numbers can be added to provide an extra layer of resilience.

A real choice

Think Nexus® Telephony services can be configured to work the way you want to work. For organisations that are primarily office based, users can be equipped with highly featured desk phones. For those that have a totally mobile workforce you can have telephony that is totally app-based working across mobile devices including; phones, tablets and laptops. For flexible workers, they can take their telephony profile with them; they might login to a desk phone in their home office then flip to a mobile app when they are out visiting a client before hot-desking via a desk phone or softphone on a laptop.

Because a diverse range of telephony services can be Managed at the Qubic Cloud Nexus, we can integrate all these telephony services into a single managed, unified platform that could include existing legacy systems as well as one or more Qubic Cloud solutions.

Smaller businesses can also take advantage of the facilities that have traditionally only been available to enterprise businesses through our Think Nexus® SME Cloud Telephony; simply choose the way you want to work, and we will provide everything you need, simply paid for monthly.

Enhanced Telephony Applications

Call logging

Think Nexus® Telephony call recording software captures the details of every call your organisation handles. You can then generate a series of reports that can highlight any anomalous usage to help detect fraud and, provide detailed analytics to measure and manage performance of your team.

Unified Communications (UC)

Unified Communications allows organisations to implement sophisticated multilevel, scheduled auto attendant applications; to provide users with the ability to access and manage their voicemail and email messages from their PCs or telephones; and to simplify administrative tasks associated with monitoring and managing the system over the network.

The unified messaging extension has the capability of text to speech playback of email in a Microsoft® Exchange environment. When using Microsoft® Outlook®, users will be able to record, playback, forward, and reply to voice mail messages as well as view fax messages. Text to speech allows users to listen to their email messages through their voicemail. Users will be able to receive their voicemails and emails through one interface, simplifying the end user’s experience and increasing productivity.

Contact centre

We can provide a comprehensive multi-media contact centre that allows agents to work centrally or remotely in multiple office locations or from a home office. Customers can interact in the way that suits them best. As well as voice calls, customers can communicate by; voice, email, web chat, fax, and social media.

Our contact centre comes with features including;

  • Dynamic queue management and intelligent call routing
  • Customer self-service to improve response and out-of-hours availability
  • Agent and supervisor tools to help make informed decisions and provide prompt service
  • Monitoring and coaching to help improve agent performance
  • Historical and real-time reporting and monitoring
  • Complete computer telephony integration for softphone, screen-pop and UC.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Research shows that customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by 2020*. AI will become one of the most important tools in delivering improved customer experience.

Chatbots are now familiar to help customers obtain rapid response but, can be cumbersome and expensive to implement. They need a programmer to anticipate every question that might be asked and painstakingly script the responses. Using AI you can connect your customer directly to your company’s knowledge base, shifting chatbot implementation time from months to days.

Combining AI with speech synthesis (speech to text and text to speech in many languages and local dialects) brings automation across the full spectrum of media; spoken word, chat or text-based messaging. Using natural language processing (NLP), our intelligent customer experience solution understands what your customers are saying, chatting or texting without requiring specific phrasing, and a virtual agent responds in real-time even if a human agent is available.

The use of virtual agents frees up live agents to help solve more complex issues. AI continues to follow the interaction and supports the live agent by feeding suggestions. AI analytics quickly identifies topics, can identify trends and help improve future interactions.

Using AI, as well as providing an improved customer experience, helps reduce agent training costs and, by providing a better working environment, reduces future recruitment costs. The improved efficiency can bring about a cost reduction of 20% per transaction to the organisation.


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