Think Nexus® Smartnumbers

If you rely on your phone lines to run your organisation, a sudden loss of inbound calls will damage your revenue generation and the reputation of your business. Damaged phone lines, technical failures in your local telephone exchange or a flood that stops you from accessing your offices can cause severe disruption. If a disaster strikes your organisation, how will you answer calls?

smartnumbers is a cloud-based telephony service that puts you in control of calls into your organisation. The service works with your existing telecoms infrastructure to enhance call routing and provide protection against network failure, adverse weather or other emergency situations.
Without the need to deploy new hardware or software, smartnumbers delivers 99.999% reliability. It’s why smartnumbers is used by UK emergency services to protect their 999 calls and eight of the top ten global investment businesses to protect calls to their traders.

All calls through smartnumbers are monitored and automatically divert when a failure is detected. Alternatively, it is possible to activate predefined call plans manually at any time.

smartnumbers protect your telephony services in the event of emergencies

Smartnumbers – Key Benefits

Never miss a call with automatic call diversion: smartnumbers continuously monitors call delivery into your business, detects any failures in the voice network preventing successful call delivery, and then automatically diverts the call to your specified secondary number to navigate the problem.

Disaster recovery plans: Use the web portal to create custom dial plans to control where calls to each of your telephone numbers should be delivered during disruptive events.

Personal control: During disruptions, employees can override an active disaster recovery plan and pull calls to the telephone they are using at that time. This will ensure callers always reach the intended person, regardless of where they may have to work from during the emergency.

Features in-depth

  • Secure web portal to control your inbound calls
  • Granular control of your inbound calls, down to the routing of each DDI.
  • Create dial plans to pre-define call delivery during periods of disruption.
  • Dial plans can be invoked through the secure portal and instantly divert calls.
  • Bulk changes can be designed offline and uploaded via the portal.
  • Set announcement messages informing callers of any disruption giving you time to relocate to an alternative location.

Dial plans

  • Route inbound calls to any dialable telephone number.
  • Create multiple dial plans for different scenarios.
  • Up to five dial plans can be loaded into the service for activation.
  • Additional dial plans can be stored off-line.

Invoking dial plans

  • Invoke dial plans at any time via the web portal or any telephone to instantly re-route calls.
  • Automatic call re-direction
  • smartnumbers monitors calls and automatically redirects them when a network outage or congestion is detected.
  • smartnumbers automatically routes calls to the original location after the disruption has cleared.

Personal override

  • Authorised staff can divert calls to their current location.

Protecting Contact Centres

Remote purchase fraud has increased by 24% to £506 million in 2018 according to UK Finance. While cybersecurity is constantly improving, contact centres are increasingly seen as the weak link in the fight against fraud. The ability for your contact centre agents to identify suspicious callers before speaking with them reduces the risk of phone fraud and reduces average handle times. This improves customer experience and improves contact centre productivity by serving genuine customers quicker.


As an Ofcom regulated UK network provider, the smartnumbers service has privileged access to call signalling data. Inspecting calls in the carrier network enables smartnumbers to complete detailed analysis to identify suspicious calls before the call touches your telecoms infrastructure.


The service examines more than 50 attributes of the Call DNATM in real-time to identify suspicious calls pre-answer, before the call enters the IVR.


Using the smartnumbers service you can action suspicious calls to different workflows, for example:

  • Pre-answer agent notification to highlight the call’s risk level.
  • Automatically route suspicious calls to specialist fraud teams for additional scrutiny.
  • On-demand reports provide insight into the proportion and type of suspicious calls.

Key benefits

  • Reduce financial loss: Prevent card-not-present (CNP) fraud by identifying suspicious calls before speaking with an agent.
  • Improve customer experience: Reduce customer frustration and increase customer loyalty by identifying and redirecting suspicious calls pre-answer, streamlining authentication of genuine customers.
  • Improve operational efficiency: The smartnumbers service is network agnostic which simplifies implementation to quickly bolster your fraud defences and rapidly gain ROI.

Main Features

Call DNA™ analysis

The smartnumbers service identifies suspicious calls by examining more than 50 attributes of the Call DNA™.

Each incoming call is tagged in real-time with the type of risk the call represents, such as:

  • Spoofed numbers.
  • Withheld calls.
  • Call type, such as VoIP.
  • Calls from blacklisted numbers, including calls where the presentation ID is withheld.
  • Calls from international locations.
    Suspicious behaviour such as repeat calls, especially from withheld numbers.

An actionable call risk score

  • The smartnumber service assigns each incoming call with a fraud risk score in real-time using the Call DNA risk model which includes Artificial intelligence and Big Data analytics using huge quantities of detailed call records collected over an extensive period.
  • Calls that surpass the risk threshold can be sent to a diverted call route depending on your policy.

Policy management

  • The smartnumbers service enables you to manage the handling of suspicious calls and limit the volume of diverted calls to ensure teams aren’t overwhelmed.
  • Control if suspicious calls should be redirected or not.
  • Configure the routing of trusted and high-risk calls for each customer facing number.
  • Manage the volume of suspicious calls that are diverted per hour.

Simple implementation

  • The smartnumbers service is network agnostic and cloud-based so doesn’t require any new equipment and works with your existing telecoms infrastructure and telecoms provider.

Visual insight and reporting

  • The smartnumbers hub provides visual representations of the suspicious characteristics and geographic sources of calls encountered over time. This enables you to identify trends and changes in fraudulent behaviour.
  • The number of received calls and the number of high-risk calls.
  • Visual representations of the volume, type and the country of origin of suspicious calls.
  • Download the Call DNA™ report that includes carrier level call meta-data and risk indicators for every call.
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