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Consultancy Services

Ongoing compliance with GDPR requires a combination of; processes, people and technology. Our audits and advice can get your organisation into shape to be compliant but you must follow the process and keep your people and technology up-to-date to maintain your compliance. We provide a suite of ongoing service to help you maintain your position.

Processes – GDPR Policy Pack

If you have existing Data Protection policies and processes, we can audit those existing processes and update them to GDPR compliance. Or we can develop a complete bespoke GDPR compliant set of policy documents saving you the time and expense of creating from scratch.

People – GDPR Education & Training

It is fundamental that everyone in your organisation understands the importance of protecting personal data and that it’s not just about electronic files on a server, it’s also about scraps of paper, post-it notes, paper files, mobile phones, USB sticks – in fact anything that you could record personal information on.

Our training programme will;

  • Help your entire team understand what GDPR is
  • Explain its impact to your business
  • Raise staff awareness of personal data and the sensitivities that surround it
  • Teach staff to recognise personal data and data breaches
  • Explain the processes surrounding Subject Access Requests
  • Familiarise your team with your GDPR processes

Technology – Protecting Digital Data

Avoiding data breaches and keeping personal information safe is a fundamental tenet of GDPR. Qubic delivers a holistic approach to Cyber Security with a range of measures designed to offer multi-layered defence that has a light-touch impact on authorised users allowing your staff to conduct business the way they want. All our activities are underpinned by our ISO 27001:2013 and Cyber Essentials accreditations.

As part of an Enhanced GDPR Audit, the reports will highlight any areas of concern or non-compliance across your entire estate. We will work with you to take the required corrective action to make your systems initially, fully compliant.

Real-time monitoring will continue to help keep your systems compliant. Any issues will be flagged and resolved, you will receive email alerts to keep you informed.

Regular system reports will provide the evidence needed to demonstrate your systems’ compliance to the ICO if required.

ICO Audit Support

The ICO will from time to time audit companies. If required, we will support you through the audit and help by providing any reports or other evidence as required.

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