URiM (Universal Remote Information Management)

What if? A question that can be posed in the classroom, in a training meeting or on an induction course and, if you have the correct, latest edition of the right manual nearby or the company phone list to hand, most people can work out the answer and do the right thing. But what if you’re out and about, in a different country or in a different time-zone what do you do?

The URiM mobile app from Qubic, takes all your organisation’s knowledge and best-practices and puts them in the hands of your workforce. What’s more, if something happens, something is updated or changed, the latest information is pushed out to all users immediately, so they always know how to do the right thing.

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App Overview

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Procedures can be put into a workflow, so everyone knows how to respond to an event, what to do and in what order. In-app and external links as well as push-to-talk straight from the app makes sure that all the relevant information is at hand at every step.

Procedures and information can be presented based on the locality and the language chosen by the user. So, the way you respond to an incident in India may be completely different to the way you respond to a similar incident in Germany, the process may differ, the information you need may differ and the contacts you need to call may differ. The URiM app presents the local information you require in a language you understand.

Wherever they are in the world, your workforce will have the latest version of every manual and process in their pocket. There’s no need to worry about security, it’s designed in. User access is secure, and users can be locked out remotely if the device is lost or the user leaves the organisation.

Your app and its UI are built specifically for your organisation. Once created, information can be uploaded and updated through a simple admin interface. The app is hosted in our secure, high-availability Cloud Nexus to provide 24/7 secure access.

URiM The App

Key Features

  • Strong user access & security control, with the ability to lock out users remotely, if & when required
  • Instant content updates via data pushed from the URiM server
  • You decide who sees what information & in what language
  • Supports “push-to-talk”, activated through the app to the user device phone functions
  • Supports external linking to key information sources managed within the URiM structured menus
  • Own-brand your app with your logo and app name.
  • Your unique menu structure and process flow in multiple languages that you choose.
  • Critical phone numbers built into the app, so that users always know which number to call for any additional help they need
  • Transfer entire organisational procedure manuals into the structured menus of the app, using simple copy & paste functions available at the Administrator level
  • Highlight key text sections in different colours, as required, to make them stand out

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