Instantly Assess Your Digital Risk

As hackers use increasingly complex methods and more and more of our business interactions move online, accurately measuring your organisation’s level of digital risk has never been more important.

Unfortunately, accurately assessing and monitoring a business’ online footprint is a complex and resource-intensive process.

We’re here to make things simple. Discover your free Digital Risk Score today to get instant visibility of your cyber exposure level or purchase one of our diagnostic Digital Risk reports for in-depth insights in a user-friendly format.

The Qubic Digital Risk Score and Reports are designed to be:

  • Trusted: Our information gathering is underpinned by the deepest and broadest data set in the market.
  • Easily Interpreted: Our scores and reports are simple, precise, and can be shared across an enterprise to support security measures.
  • Actionable: Our detailed diagnostic reports include a set of guided actions that can be prioritised and dealt with as soon as possible.

Simply choose an option below to discover your critical cyber vulnerabilities so you can take action today. Once you have received your free report of your full diagnostic report, a member of Qubic’s Cybersecurity team can help you address and issues raised. You can book a specialist appointment online or call us on 020 8601 7000.

Digital Risk Assessment

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Buy Your Comprehensive Digital Risk Report®

Whether you’re focused on data protection, security testing or incident handling, we’re here to help with Digital Risk Reports®. Our reports are generated in real-time so that all of your results are relevant, actionable intelligence that will help you to stay one step ahead of attackers.

This detailed diagnostic report gives you instant insights across seven key areas of risk and exposure, enabling you to rapidly understand the threats hidden across your IT landscape and mitigate them before they’re exploited.

Purchase your report for £200 (exc. VAT). After your report is generated, the email address provided below will be sent a link to allow you to view your results. The link will be valid for 30 days, so we encourage you to save it as a PDF file for future reference.

Get Your Free Digital Risk Score®

Qubic, in association with Darkbeam, offers a free Digital Risk Score® to enable you to make instant assessments of your current cyber exposure.

Our score accurately captures and quantifies how a company of any size appears to attackers and establishes an accurate view of your organisation’s digital strengths and vulnerabilities in seconds.

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