Cybersecurity Awareness

Employees can potentially expose their organizations to huge amounts of cyber risk. Whether it’s through careless handling of sensitive data, falling for phishing or smishing attacks, or poor password management, many data breaches are directly or indirectly caused by user awareness issues.

In response, savvy companies have implemented security awareness training initiatives. However, without fostering feelings of responsibility and accountability for cybersecurity among employees, these programs won’t necessarily make an organisation any safer or less vulnerable. Our Cybersecurity Awareness program is a simple way to promote feelings of accountability and responsibility for cybersecurity within your organisation.

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Raising Awareness

The majority of  Cyber Attacks that succeed are due to human error within the company that is being attacked as staff are sometimes unaware how to identify anomalous email and/or websites, unsure what to do when they realise they may have opened that email or clicked on that website link when they should not have done so. Just having a cybersecurity policy and deploying technology against the cyber threat does not go far enough.

When looking at People. Process and Technology the People (Staff) are the single most important element and the most vulnerable. A large proportion of organisations have not invested in Cyber Awareness Training and these are the organisations who  are by far the most exposed to an attack. Giving staff Cybersecurity training, during their induction or even once a year, may be a step in the right direction but, even this falls far short of the preparedness that needs to be put in place. Your staff need ongoing training that delivers more than just the tick in the box, it needs to be interactive, it needs to be credible, mimicking what happens in the real-world. You need to identify staff that are more vulnerable to assisting a cyber attack and help them to improve. Organisations need to measure and manage cyber risk across the entire organisation and constantly strive to improve performance without adding to the already increased pressure on human resource.

Qubic Cyber Awareness Training

Our comprehensive awareness training introduces staff to;

  • Phishing & Smishing Security Test
  • Automated Real-Time Security Awareness Program
  • Phishing Alert Button
  • Cyber & Compliance Knowledge Assessment Quizzes
  • Cyber Security Awareness Videos
  • Enterprise Risk and Compliance Reporting
  • Industry Phishing Benchmark Reporting
  • Quarterly Email Exposure Checks
  • Tracking of Security Compliance Policies
  • Managed Security Awareness Service