Security with a light-touch – 2FA Duo Two-Factor Authentication

2FA is now a business essential. When computers were large, bulky, on a desk and only connected to a printer, security was pretty simple. Now we have employees with handheld devices that can connect to corporate networks, multiple passwords to remember that can end up being written on post-notes or shared, devices can get lost – all of which can lead to the potential for those with malicious intent to compromise your systems or even lead to data breaches and all of the consequences that come with it.

Ever more complex passwords and password change regimes are not the answer as users simply try to circumvent the rules or ignore them. Hackers have many techniques to obtain passwords such as phishing, using malware to log keystrokes, extortion or brute force attacks.

There is a simple, effective solution as part of your overall Cybersecurity strategy; Two-Factor Authentication. According to Microsoft it can block over 99.9 percent of account compromise attacks. It is simple to implement and administer as well as being easy for the user.

DUO 2FA Two-factor Authentication 2FA

Security with Agility

2FA – Easy for every user

Duo’s wide variety of authentication methods make it easy for every user to securely and quickly log in. Duo Push, sent by our Duo Mobile authentication app, allows users to approve push notifications to verify their identity. It provides flexible and accessible options for all types of users – from clinicians to third-party contractors.

Easily to enrol and provision users

While Duo’s user self-enrolment method is intuitive enough for users to do on their own, we also offer automatic enrolment options for ease of user provisioning for larger organizations. Improve speed to security by quickly synchronizing thousands of users from existing directories like Active Directory and Azure AD or import users via API. Plus, users can manage their own authentication devices through our self-service portal, reducing your help desk support time.

Reduce help-desk costs

Self-Service Management provides end users with the ability to easily manage 2FA on their own devices during login without having to go to a separate portal or contact help desk when they get a new mobile phone.

Secure all applications

Secure all on-premises and cloud applications with Duo’s 2FA. Qubic can help you easily extend security controls to any application or service including Microsoft Office 365, Cisco AnyConnect, Amazon Web Services, Workday and more.

Verify end-user identities

Duo Help Desk Push enables admins and help desk staff to verify end user identities with Duo Push. Before making changes at the request of an end user, Duo Help Desk Push helps you validate that the user is who they say they are.

Quickly Deploy, at Scale

Deploying at scale has never been so painless. Duo’s lightweight software as a service (SaaS) solution requires minimal infrastructure to roll out to thousands of users. Plus, we send updates to your users’ devices to ensure they always have the latest security patches and features, eliminating overhead on your end.

Assess user risk with phishing simulation

Launch targeted phishing simulations within your organization with Duo’s Phishing Simulator to identify vulnerable users and devices. Our data dashboards allow you to measure and monitor your company’s risk of getting phished from one main control centre.

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