So What is IoT?

Think of something we are all familiar with, the human body – our conscious mind is about processing sensory information – the things we see, hear, touch, taste and smell. Our conscious mind interprets these sensory inputs, makes decisions and records outcomes and consequences so that we can learn and lay down memories. We draw upon those memories to be able to react to new situations, to predict outcomes, basically to learn.

The internet that we are all used to is very like an extension of the conscious mind – ‘the internet of computers’ might best describe it – these computers are used by people to communicate, collaborate and disseminate information; we are all used to websites, email, social media, content sharing and consumption.

The other side of the human body is the autonomic system. This is the system that ‘keeps things going’ – you don’t have to remember to breath or to make you heart beat, it just happens. Well actually, it’s the autonomic systems that takes care of this. Throughout the body there are sensors that feedback information to the brain. The brain evaluates the information against what is normal and then can issue ‘commands’ – for example if your heart rate is too high or too low a nerve will release a chemical (neuro-transmitter) that will slow down or speed up your heart rate. All of this happens without you knowing about it – even when you are asleep.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is just like the body’s autonomic system – it connects ‘things’ that have sensors to a central system that can issue regulatory commands without any conscious intervention. At a basic level, you could have temperature sensors that feed back to a building’s environmental system to turn on the heating or air conditioning as required. At a more complex level, a road monitoring system can analyse traffic flows and alter speed limits, change the sequence of traffic lights, open up or close lanes and even re-route traffic.

Qubic, working with its partners, can deliver end-to-end IoT solutions. We will work with you to understand your objectives and help you build a business case. We will then take your idea off the drawing board to design and test a proof of concept. Finally, we will guide you through implementation and deployment, providing on-going support and continual improvement.

Partnering with Qubic & Vodafone

We’re leading the way

With over 50 million IoT connections, Vodafone is one of the world’s biggest IoT providers. Trusted analysts like Gartner, Analysys Mason and Machina Research have ranked them as a leader in our industry.

Buyers want a full service

95% of IoT buyers prefer to work with an end-to-end provider (Vodafone M2M Barometer 2015). With hardware, the global Vodafone IoT connection management platform and Qubic’s network and services portfolio, we offer a tailored IoT solution that your customers want on a global scale.

The Right Partners

In addition to Qubic’s expertise, we have access through the Vodafone IoT Partner Programme to a vast pool of knowledge and experience. With more than 1,400 IoT experts at Vodafone, we can bring broad and deep knowledge of what IoT means to key sectors like automotive, healthcare and utilities. The wealth of experience can help us build strong business cases for you and your organisation.

Don’t get left behind

By the end of 2017, nearly two thirds of enterprises will be using IoT. The technology will help deliver the competitive edge – have you set your IoT strategy yet?

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