Think Nexus® Connectivity

Think Nexus® Connectivity is a comprehensive range of fixed and mobile network connections that are delivered through the Qubic Cloud Nexus creating direct connections between all your offices, locations, sites and mobile workers without crossing the public internet.

Fully Managed

Think Nexus® Connectivity works with a diverse range of Tier 1 carriers to deliver the circuit infrastructure but all the services such as; Direct Internet Access, Quality of Service, Class of Service, SD WAN or MPLS are added at the Qubic Cloud Nexus and are managed by us. This means that services can be configured, and capacity can be changed quickly without having to place work orders with third parties and then wait for a delivery slot.

All circuits are monitored 24/7/365 at our Network Operations Centre. All faults are fully-managed and escalated where necessary with carriers. Because our connectivity is managed within the Qubic Cloud Nexus, in the event of a global carrier outage, Qubic can often use alternative routing to bring customer sites back online quickly and securely.

Connectivity directly from your organisation to the Cloud

Connectivity Designed for the Cloud

Think Nexus® Connectivity products provide connectivity that does not cross the public internet and can deliver the full capacity of the line, un-throttled and uncontended directly to the Qubic Cloud Nexus. This direct connection unlocks the full benefits of Think Nexus® Computing and Think Nexus® Telephony.

Think Nexus® Connectivity creates direct connections to any services that are located at to the Qubic Cloud Nexus including; Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud. This direct connection gives users a ‘near LAN’ experience with improved quality and reliability.

Think Nexus® Ethernet Services

Our enterprise-grade Think Nexus® Ethernet Services are delivered over dedicated fibre circuits ranging from 100Mbps to 10Gbps. The services are managed at the Qubic Cloud Nexus and can be configured in any topology to cater for changes in an organisation’s requirements, typically; Layer 2 VPLS WAN, IP MPLS WAN, SD WAN, SIP with QoS, Layer 2 DIA at a site or centralised internet breakout for multisite applications.

Add-on resilience is provided by delivering another circuit, usually from a different carrier. This can be provided with a low bandwidth tariff but with a burst option so, it can take over if required.

Think Nexus® Broadband Services

For smaller businesses or satellite offices and home-workers we provide Think Nexus® Broadband Services. These are fibre, where possible, or high-speed traditional broadband circuits that connect directly to the Qubic Cloud Nexus, just like our enterprise-grade Ethernet Services. Services are added and managed at the Qubic Cloud Nexus, giving near LAN connectivity to Think Nexus® services and connected Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud services.

Telephony Connections

With ISDN approaching end-of-life, we provide High-Availability SIP Trunks that connect to the Qubic Cloud Nexus as well as non-geographic numbers that route to the Qubic Cloud Nexus. Qubic can manage and re-route calls, if needed, to ensure Business Continuity.

Mobile Connectivity – Think Nexus® Mobile

Qubic provides traditional mobile telephony services from the major network providers including; Vodafone and O2. As an independent, we are able to create a bespoke call and data plan to suit an organisation’s specific needs with flexibility to offer short-term agreements if needed.

All our Business Mobile packages have been designed to deliver the agility and flexibility demanded by customers in the ‘always-on’ world. Whether you choose a device-included package, or a SIM only package you will receive;

  • Unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles
  • Free European* roaming – use your voice and data allowance when travelling in Europe at no extra cost
  • Add-on International bundles when travelling elsewhere
  • Regular account management reviews to ensure you are receiving the best value

Using Office 365 and other applications, you can work on the move. You can use your familiar Office tools including Word, Outlook and Teams to read and edit documents, send and receive emails and participate in video conferences wherever you are. With our mobile apps, you can make and receive calls on-the -move as if you were in the office.

it is important to keep your business information safe and secure. Using our Mobile Device Management (MDM) suite, you can easily wipe a device remotely to eliminate the possibility of unauthorised access. You can even select which information is personal and which is for business so when someone leaves the company, you can delete your financial spreadsheets and leave their selfies intact.

Think Nexus® M2M

We also offer Machine to Machine (M2M) connectivity. We have a direct interconnect between our Qubic Cloud Nexus and the mobile core – this allows us to provide secure mobile extensions to corporate networks that deliver a LAN experience to mobile workers. Mobile connections are direct to one of Qubic’s Core datacentres at which point the connection becomes effectively a secure extension of the LAN with the same IP range.

You can provide workers that are ‘on-the-road’ with a mobile solution that enables them to connect securely back to the corporate network as if they connected to the LAN.

For organisations that need to create a temporary office that is securely connected to their LAN such as a construction company setting up a site office or the emergency services setting up an incident room, Think Nexus® M2M offers an instant solution.

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