Microsoft Office 365 Licence Control

As more and more organisations move from a perpetual licensing model to a SaaS (Software as a Service) managing those licences and their usage becomes ever more important or, there is a danger that costs may spiral without licence control.

Self-service software portals make deploying licensing fairly easy but that’s where it ends; they do allow organisations to monitor the use of the licences once deployed. In addition, frequently changing rules surrounding the use of licences, what is included or not in a software bundle and the price changes make it more difficult to manage the software estate.

In all organisations there is staff turnover with leavers and new starters. The housekeeping surrounding these changes and keeping an AD (Active Directory) up to date and current can prove challenging. As a consequence, organisations are often paying for significantly more licences than they actually require;  20% or more is not unusual. The primary cause is not having the tools to deal with situation combined with a concern of being audited by the software provider and being found-under licenced; the result is, they continue to pay considerable more than the need to.

Licence control of Office 365 licensing

Licence Control – Managing Costs

Computer user using laptop and Office 365

Fully Managed Service

The Qubic license control process will bring your licensing expenditure under control. Out methodology includes;

  • Identifying a list of active users of Microsoft Office 365
  • Auditing and bringing your Active Directory up to date
  • Determining software usage by who and what
  • Adjusting your licensing to reflect actuality

The first step is a half hour initial meeting with your licensing team to establish the parameters and set up our reporting system. We gather the necessary information over the next few days and then produce a summary report showing you how we can reorganise your licensing and generate cost savings. Once implemented, we then help you monitor usage on a monthly basis to ensure that you continue only to pay for what you use. As a Microsoft Partner, Microsoft accept our reports as proof of an organisations licence usage.

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