Think Nexus® Cloud

Think Nexus® Cloud is a comprehensive range of services that encompasses Cloud Computing; Qubic Cloud, Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud, as well as traditional on-premise computing along with the associated infrastructure and support.

Cloud Computing Services

To remain competitive in the fast-moving digital world, organisations need to be agile, flexible and responsive and need the right IT to support their strategy. Traditional computer hardware and software acquisition through Capital Expenditure (CapEx) can hold you back; tied to rapidly outdated hardware and software.

Qubic provides Think Nexus® Cloud Computing that is offered ‘as a Service’ and is built around Qubic’s Cloud Nexus that can directly deliver Cloud Computing or can act as a Cloud aggregator, bringing together Public and Private Cloud Services.

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Cloud Solutions

Think Nexus® Cloud Computing services are billed based on monthly usage and can be charged against Operational Expenditure (OpEx). This means organisations can quickly and easily add extra resources as their organisation grows or, bring services online to cater for a short-term need such as; a seasonal event or, to create a test environment to develop new software applications before deployment.

The OpEx model also means you are not tied to specific hardware or versions of software – you can simply request more computing power, memory or storage and we can add this at the Core quickly and easily. All core software is managed by us and kept up to date.

Qubic Cloud Nexus

The Qubic Cloud Nexus is distributed over multiple UK datacentres that are all interconnected by diverse multiple circuits from many different providers. Services can be provided at the Qubic Cloud Nexus or managed through the Core so in effect, Qubic acts as a Cloud aggregator drawing together Public Cloud services from providers including Microsoft Azure and Amazon’s AWS as well as on-premise Cloud Services form HPE’s GreenLake. Customer on-premise servers can also be integrated into the Qubic Cloud Nexus to provide a hybrid Cloud.

This combination of Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud allows Qubic to create flexible, agile, resilient, high-availability solutions. As Qubic manages its own core, services and resources can be added quickly without having to place work orders with third parties and then wait for a delivery slot.

Through Think Nexus® Connectivity services, users are connected directly to the core without crossing the public internet to provide a faster, more secure connection giving a ‘near LAN’ experience.

Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud

Public Cloud

Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS are designed for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of managed data centres. They can both provide software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and support many different programming languages, tools and frameworks, including both specific and third-party software and systems.

The Qubic Cloud Nexus interconnects directly with these providers and can deliver their services to you within a controlled and managed environment. The Public Cloud is typically used to bring extra services on-stream rapidly or for a temporary requirement. These services can be billed by the hour or, in the case of AWS, by the minute.

Private Cloud

As part of Think Nexus® Computing we can provide on-premise computing that is provided ‘as a Service’ and by using services like HPE’s GreenLake we can give you similar levels of flexibility to increase resources locally as and when needed.

Hybrid Cloud

Legacy on-premise equipment can also be integrated into the Think Nexus® Qubic Core providing a hybrid of Qubic, Public and Private Cloud. If there is a need to increase capacity it can be added on-premise or in the Hybrid Cloud, depending on the requirement, quickly and without the need for capital outlay, all coming from your OpEx budget. Through a flexible licencing model, users can be switched on and off quickly and inexpensively. Additions and changes are manged by Qubic against our pre-agreed SLAs to ensure rapid response.



As well as providing the Cloud Nexus, we can provide and support the local infrastructure with switches, cabling, wireless and Wi-Fi to build out your local network as well as devices including; desktop and laptop computers, handheld and mobile devices and peripherals such as printers and scanners.


Qubic is a Microsoft Partner and offers popular Microsoft Office software under a variety of licences including Microsoft Office 365 Business and Enterprise editions.
All Server software is managed at the Qubic Cloud Nexus and the latest versions of server software are always available. By using a High Availability configuration, software updates and patches can be applied without service interruption.

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