Think Nexus® Continuity

An organisation can be faced with many situations that could affect its ability to operate. A total building failure through fire, flood or explosion is a rare occurrence but, much more likely is; a server failure, a Ransomware or virus attack, a communications outage or a burglary at your offices.

Think Nexus® Continuity provides a multi-layered approach to try to avoid potential disaster and a series of measures designed to get an organisation up and running as quickly as possible in the event of an incident.


Proactive measures

Think Nexus® Computing and Think Nexus® Telephony have high-availability designed in at the server level. Each server is replicated at another location within the Qubic Cloud Nexus so that in the event of a failure of the primary server, operation will automatically failover to the secondary server without any loss of service.

For mission critical locations, we always recommend installation of a backup Think Nexus® Connectivity circuit which we will provide from a different Tier1 Carrier so in the event of a failure of the primary circuit or, of the provider of the primary circuit, we can move operation to the secondary circuit. This is made possible because we manage the connectivity at the Qubic Cloud Nexus and can reroute services quickly while maintaining the same network settings and IP range.

For Think Nexus® Telephony customers we provide SIP trunks on the high-availability realm. As a second level of resilience, we recommend the use of non-geographic telephone numbers; these can quickly be redirected in the event of a failure to another building or indeed, to a mobile service.

We provide a comprehensive range of preventative measures through our Think Nexus® Cybersecurity products that are designed to block or limit the effect of those with malicious intent. This is provided through a multi-layered approach with a combination of; web content and email content filtering, firewalls, traditional signature based anti-virus, anti-spam and anomalous activity lock down software.

Back-up and recovery

In the event of the loss of data, a Ransomware attack or a server failure, a robust back-up regime is essential. Systems that require manual intervention such as tape backups or systems that overwrite a previous backup can leave you entirely exposed. All our backup systems make incremental backups so, you can always wind back to a version that is not corrupt or infected. The time interval between backups is determined by you; if you can afford to lose a day’s data then daily backup are fine but if even the loss of an hour’s data could be problematic, you will need much more frequent backups.

There is a range of Think Nexus® Backup Solutions that give varying degrees of protection.

Think Nexus® Backup

Think Nexus® Private Cloud Backup

This is our ultimate back-up solution that takes incremental backup as frequently as every 15 minutes. A Think Nexus® Private Cloud Backup server is located on your premises and is replicated in the Cloud. In the event of a total server loss, the onsite Think Nexus® Private Cloud Backup server or the copy in the Cloud can take over as a live server within 20 minutes to bring your organisation back online. In the meantime, servers can be repaired, rebuilt or replaced and once ready can take over operations, returning the Think Nexus® Private Cloud Backup server to its backup role.

In addition, the Think Nexus® Private Cloud Backup server gives you granular access to be able to restore individual files of folders as well as database and email backups at the email, folder or mailbox level.

The ability to recover from a problem is as much about the quality of the backup as the frequency. Think Nexus® Private Cloud Backup provides backup alerts and boot tests as well as providing Ransomware detection and prevention on backups.

Think Nexus® Vault Backup

With Think Nexus® Vault Backup a Vault Backup server is added to your on-premise network. It can back-up multiple servers which can be any combination of physical or virtual machines. Vault Backup automatically makes a complete initial image of the server, system and data: at predetermined time intervals, increments and changes are added to the image. Back-up time intervals can be as frequent as every 15 minutes to suit each situation. We store, by default, the last 12 months of backup but this can be changed if required.

In the event of a server failure we will restore the system and data to a fully working server, this can be between four hours and two weeks depending on the amount of data that needs to be restored. To provide protection against building failure that results in loss of the Vault Backup server, the complete image can be regularly copied to another location either at a separate site or in one of our datacentres.

In addition, the Think Nexus® Vault Backup server gives you granular access to be able to restore individual files or folders, as well as database and email backups at; email, folder or mailbox level.

Think Nexus® Public Cloud Backup

Think Nexus® Public Cloud Backup is designed specifically to backup Microsoft Office 365 Applications and application data such as Office, 365 Exchange email, OneDrive SharePoint, Calendar and Contacts.

This is a purely Cloud based service. It provides for three incremental backups a day and gives the ability to granularly restore files and folders. The data is encrypted both at rest and in transit.

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