Think Nexus by Qubic

Think Nexus® by Qubic

Think Nexus® is a range of Cloud Services created by Qubic, that are controlled and managed through the Qubic Cloud Nexus, the core of Qubic’s operations. This enables Qubic to either self-deliver services or work as a Cloud aggregator, drawing together services from other industry-leading organisations but with flexible, agile management provided at the Qubic Cloud Nexus.

By combining the Think Nexus® range of services including; Computing, Telephony, Connectivity, Cybersecurity, Continuity, Support and Professional Services, we can build comprehensive, resilient, fully supported integrated solutions that deliver the flexibility and agility needed to compete in a fast-changing business landscape.

The Qubic Cloud Nexus

The Qubic Cloud Nexus is distributed over multiple UK datacentres that are all interconnected by diverse multiple circuits from many different providers. Services can be provided at the Qubic Cloud Nexus or managed through the Core so in effect, Qubic acts as a Cloud aggregator drawing together Public Cloud services from providers including Microsoft Azure and Amazon’s AWS as well as on-premise Cloud Services form HPE’s GreenLake. Customer on-premise servers can also be integrated into the Qubic Cloud Nexus to provide a hybrid Cloud.

This combination of Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud allows Qubic to create flexible, agile, resilient, high-availability solutions. As Qubic manages its own core, services and resources can be added quickly without having to place work orders with third parties and then wait for a delivery slot.

Through Think Nexus® Connectivity services, users are connected directly to the core without crossing the public internet to provide a faster, more secure connection giving a ‘near LAN’ experience.

Think Nexus® Services

Think Nexus® Telephony is a high availability voice service delivered through the Qubic Cloud Nexus using applications that include; Mitel MiVoice Business, Mitel’s Partner Build Telephony, Microsoft Teams and AWS Connect.
Think Nexus® Cloud is a comprehensive range of services that encompasses Cloud Computing; Qubic Cloud, Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud, as well as traditional on-premise computing.
Think Nexus® Connectivity is a comprehensive range of fixed and mobile network connections that are delivered through the Qubic Cloud Nexus creating direct connections between all your offices, locations, sites and mobile workers.
Think Nexus® Cybersecurity securely makes applications and data available to all authorised people, on any device, at any location and at all times while preventing access to unauthorised people and those with malicious intent.
Think Nexus® Continuity provides a multi-layered approach to try to avoid potential disaster and a series of measures designed to get an organisation up and running as quickly as possible in the event of a outage or incident.
Think Nexus® Support has simplified the whole process of IT support by bringing all your IT support under a comprehensive, single, proactive, managed service. It may be comprehensive but it’s not ‘one-size fits all’.
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