Senator Ron Wyden discusses data security and privacy

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security concept  with a lockRon Wyden, Oregon’s Democratic senator, has recently had a discussion with The New York times regarding privacy versus security. The lawmakers are currently discussing what kind of an impact the expanded FBI’s authority would have on the lives of typical American citizens that represent no form of danger to the country.

Here are some of the key take-away points he made.

The FBI is potentially receiving additional authority on what they can monitor. If the current data security laws are going to go through a change, the FBI will have the authority to look into the browsing history of American citizens without needing to obtain a warrant. They would also be able to monitor email messages, text messages, and location information.

The FBI believes this will allow them to hunt down several types of cyber-criminals, including child molesters. However, Wyden argues that they have those kinds of tools already available by obtaining a warrant. He added that without them needing to obtain one, countless innocent American citizens would have their privacy violated, which is against their civil rights.

Wyden believes this is a serious issue that needs to be discussed by the elected representatives. He thinks this is going to be a long debate. According to him, it is possible to address security without needlessly infringing on people’s civil rights in the process. Finally, he concluded that all of this can be done by focusing on the people who represent some kind of a threat, and not the general population.

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