Self-driving cars project halted in Arizona

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As a result of the recent tragic accident involving a self-driving Uber car hitting a pedestrian, Arizona’s governor has decided to suspend autonomous driving tests in the state.

Doug Ducey, Arizona’s governor, has made a clear decision: no more autonomous vehicles on the state’s public roadways. According to his judgment, the Uber accident which took place on March 18th is an unquestionable failure to comply with safety standards.

It’s worth mentioning that Ducey was previously in favour of self-driving vehicles. The Republic helped push the self-driving technology laws forward and make this digital transformation a reality. However, in light of recent unfortunate events, the governor’s stance has changed.

Statistically speaking, though, things are far from grim. In fact, this is the first known casualty for which the driverless cars were to blame.

Based on the reports by the police, we’re going to briefly recap the events that transpired.

At the time of the crash, a driver was behind the wheel of the autonomous vehicle, but that did not stop the unfortunate events from taking place. A woman was walking outside of the crosswalk and tried to cross the road when the vehicle hit her. Although the paramedics transported her to the hospital, her injuries were too severe, and she passed away as a result. Her relatives have already been notified.

The saga, however, has not been concluded yet, because Uber is still investigating the accident. Additional details will be revealed in due time.

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