Safer Internet Day 2017 student activities

Safer Internet Day is an annual event that calls attention to important topics such as online safety and data security. Yesterday, Rochester City School District organised various discussions and workshops to teach students about these fundamental cyber principles as well as cyber bullying.

For example, the students were taught not to disclose sensitive personal details like their full name and street address online. They were advised that whenever someone asks for them, they should contact a trusted adult.

The students were also discussing what is considered to be appropriate to be sharing on the internet and what is not. They were presented with some real-life examples of kids who shared things online they should not have shared, and how it negatively affected their lives.

Cyber bullying was another hot topic that day. Recent data from the Cyberbullying Research Center suggests that 1 in 3 children are victims of cyber bullying, which is an alarming statistic.

Specifically, 40 per cent of cases are related to instant messenger services, 30 per cent of cases have to do with social networking websites, and 20 per cent of cases are happening while playing online games.

Timothy Johnsen, RCSD’s associate director of instructional technology, has mentioned that their school takes certain measures against inappropriate behaviour when detected on their school computers. However, they have no control over what happens when the students leave school property.

RCSD has prepared safe surfing resources that parents can use to help keep their kids safe online. These are available on their official website.