Rural areas call for poor broadband compensation

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Ancient cotswold stone houses and flower garden in Cotswolds village of Icomb

The Country Land and Business Association is calling for rural business and residential properties that suffer from poor broadband service to be compensated.

The organisation is calling for compensation to be awarded to properties that do not get the 10Mbps services that the government has promised. The group represents landowners, farmers, and other rural companies across England and Wales. The 10Mbps speed has been promised to all within four years by the government.

It is estimated that only half of rural businesses and homes are able to get this speed at the moment. In urban areas, this figure rises to 96%. The CLA believes that this is a major obstacle for digital advancement for the country. The group has been working for more than 10 years to encourage better residential and business broadband in the UK and is calling upon the government to do something about this situation.

Getting the required speeds in rural areas is more difficult due to the poorer quality of infrastructure. For providers, it is not as profitable to offer the faster speeds in these areas. It can make life more difficult and businesses find it harder to compete. The CLA has pointed out that the USO planned by the government will only work if it becomes a legal right to have access to good quality residential and business broadband services. Compensation should be paid if people do not have the legal right to the faster services.

The discrepancy between urban and rural services has been highlighted by Ofcom and there have been promises to address this.

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