The role of students in IoT innovation

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IoT technology allows for remarkable things: smart cities, automated homes, activity trackers, and the list goes on. Students, especially those who study computer science and electronics engineering, have taken an interest in this technology, and are coming up with new and innovative ways to put it to use.

Various industry manufacturers have made the decision to collaborate with colleges in order to unlock IoT’s full potential. Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute (VJTI) and L&T InfoTech are working on a three-year industrial IoT project that involves finding a way to avoid turbine damage at wind farms. The institute will be proceeding to work on a similar system intended for solar power plants.

According to Faruk Kazi, a professor at VJTI, the IoT laboratories set up by the colleges have massive potential, and are working towards solutions for home automation, and the energy sector.

There are other groups of students who are trying their hand at smaller IoT applications. Students at Vivekananda Education Society’s Institute of Technology (VESIT) have designed an IoT system with the function of disconnecting the power supply from defaulters.

That way, when an unpaid bill exceeds a predetermined value, the customer is issued a warning, and if the non-payment issue continues to persist, the system automatically discontinues the power supply.

Students from MH Saboo Siddik College of Engineering are trying to come up with a way to replace traditional switchboards with digital ones. This will help prevent electric shocks and short circuits.

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