Rod Matthews discusses data security at VMworld conference

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Security conceptData security is one of the hottest topics in the world of business. The larger the database, the greater the damage potential a single breach can have on it.

Rod Matthews from Barracuda Networks talked with John Walls and Peter Burris during the VMworld conference that was held this week, discussing data security and Barracuda.

According to Matthews, ransomware attacks are getting much more common each passing year. Basically, an attacker encrypts the company’s data against their will and then demands a ransom to be paid out in order for it to be unlocked again.

A single breach could cost the company thousands of dollars. That is why, he stated, that every company needs to have a strategy to fight against this.

He also mentioned that because the threat of hackers and ransomware is on the rise, data has become much more of an asset to companies than before. He noted that data is not only a commodity to the members of the organisation, but to anyone who can get their hands on it.

Matthews went over how businesses are gradually transitioning to the cloud, placing emphasis on how much easier accessing the data has become, which also means it needs more protection against unauthorised access.

Finally, he concluded that Barracuda is a great firewall not only for the company’s physical assets, but also for their cloud servers, and that potential damage can be prevented to a high degree when using it. He added that Barracuda is a top-notch industry solution right now, and has the capacity to fight against ransomware as well as “human error”.

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