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Add Phone System to Teams – £6 a month

Create a fully featured phone system with Microsoft Office 365 using Microsoft Teams

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Add Phone System – £6 a month

Phone System is the software that can be added to Enterprise versions of Microsoft Office 365 to create a Cloud PBX (private branch exchange, or phone system) using Teams. It’s included as standard in the E5 version of Office 365. You can make and receive calls with a Teams compatible desk phone or using the Microsoft Teams software on your desktop, laptop or mobile phone. This provides full telephony functionality; making and receiving calls, simple voicemail and transferring calls. All this functionality is available ‘internally’ across your company network ‘out-of-the-box’. To connect to the outside world you need a Microsoft Calling Plan or Direct Routing.

direct routing

Add Direct Routing – £6 a month

To connect your phone system to the outside world you either need a Microsoft Calling Plan, which is inconvenient and expensive or, Direct Routing. Direct Routing is the way you connect your Office 365 Phone System to the outside world. We’ve kept it simple, for a one-off monthly fee per user, we provide you with;

  • Call routing through a Session Border Controller (SBC)
  • A DDI number per user
  • Connection via SIP trunks
  • Full monitoring and support

Call charges or on top and are billed per minute just like with any ordinary business phone system agreement. UK calls start at 1.25p per minute.

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Teams Telephony Pricing

Office 365 E3
Office 365 E1 (with E02)

Phone System – £6 a month
Direct Routing – £6 a month
Teams Calls – 1.25p a minute

Office 365 E5

Phone System – Included
Direct Routing – £6 a month
Teams Calls – 1.25p a minute

*Prices exclude VAT

Direct Routing connects your Microsoft Teams Phone System to the outside world through SIP trunks, your get a DDI number (a phone number for your Teams Phone), setup and support. Our calls are billed to the nearest minute. There is no monthly minimum call spend – prices for other destinations and bulk discounts are available on request. Just ask when you speak to one of our Teams Telephony specialists.



Direct Routing lets you connect your Microsoft Teams Phone System to the outside world but it also lets you connect to other phone systems, either in the Cloud or on-site. For example, Qubic can connect your Microsoft Phone system to a Mitel MiVoice Phone System that can have features such as Contact Centre, Voice Recording or advance Voicemail. You can make and receive calls on either system and transfer or hand-off calls just as if they were on the same system. You can, for example, initiate a call from the Teams app on your mobile phone that routes out through the Mitel system so the call appears to come from your office.

Mitel Phone Connected to a Microsoft Teams Phone System

Microsoft Teams Collaboration

Microsoft Teams can let you and your team members create a collaboration space in which to share and work on content. This is where Microsoft Teams steps into action. With one click, anyone inside or outside your company can join your online meeting from any device, co-author presentations and documents and use whiteboards, polls, and built-in IM to foster teamwork. Get a hub for teamwork, where you can chat, hold meetings, and share files and apps. Connect your people to their content with file storage and sharing.

Microsoft Teams Multiple Devices