Privacy Policy – Call Recording

Qubic Group plc, Privacy Policy – Call Recording

What calls does this cover?

This could include any incoming and or outgoing calls that are handled by Qubic Group Plc.

Why are calls recorded?

Recording customer conversations allows organisations to assess customer satisfaction, train and develop staff, review call quality, and have access to a verbal record of what is said in the event of a subsequent complaint.

It also means employees feel more protected knowing that any threatening behaviour can be evidenced and acted upon where necessary.

How do we use call recording?

  • Quality Monitoring
  • Complaints and Disputes
  • Training and Development
  • Understand our customers
  • Employee safety and Wellbeing

How do we inform our customers?

Customers who call Qubic Group Plc will hear the following message:

Your call may be recorded for training and quality control purposes – please see our privacy policy at Qubic group. com

Legal Basis for recording calls?

The legal basis we use for recording calls under the GDPR is legitimate interests.

If you want to discuss your rights, please see How Can You Access Your Data? (Subject Access Request) section of our full Privacy Policy.

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